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Increase ROI & ROAS

Influence your online dynamic without burning your budget. Using calculated tactics &  inspiring ideas that will catapult your brand.

Proven Record
We don't advertise our reputation, our reputation advertises us.
Tailored strategies
Your brand is unique and your strategy needs to be too.
Customer Service
With an experienced team working on your file 24/7. There is always someone here to help.
Executed thoughtfully
We don't just execute your strategy, we deliver results.

Your exciting journey into the
digital world starts with our agency

Bluescreen Technologies breaks down your digital strategy into its fundamental steps. We want to work symbiotically with the customers we represent. Using our unique online portal & email updates, you will always be informed on the status and the work being done to help your business grow. In today’s world, accurate information is the most valuable asset to have, we strive to make sure your never waiting on us.

Kevin Esmezyan
CEO, Bluescreen Technologies.

With constant updates,
you can effortlessly check in on your project.

Backend Development
Web Design
Social Media Strategy
* Numbers are updated per 24hrs & may not accurately describe the current project.
Why us?

Using analytics and data
to enhance your marketing strategies.

At Bluescreen we make sure that we can collect and use actionable data. By connecting all your corporate analytics and using state-of-the-art algorithms to detect patterns and define your customer with certainty. By using our methods we’ve achieved a better ROI than our customers could have dreamed of.

Analysis of the marketplace
for better corporate evolution.

Corporate evolution is an obligation in today’s marketplace. Bluescreen uses its vast knowledge and data to make sure your company can evolve and surpass its stagnant competitors. We’re here to build brands that can last forever.

Why us?

Building brands

with customer value.

When 48% of Americans interact with companies or institutions online, having a thorough and extensive online presence has never been so important. We’re here to guide you through it, by building a strategy aimed at establishing a trustworthy brand and improving customer relations. We pull together a talented team with specialized skills tailored to your business.

Nothing works better than an ad that sells itself. Don't worry, we're on it.
With surgical precision and impalpable talent, we execute.
Bluescreen, CEO

Kevin Esmezyan, CEO

Changing the dynamic of how businesses present themselves on the Internet. Kevin Esmezyan set out with one goal. To revolutionize corporate to consumer communications.

Just to name a few of our customers.

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Detailed case analysis
helps us to provide best solutions

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Personal approach to
every client is vital for our agency

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