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Acquire new customers with Bluescreen!

Start achieving your digital potential! Book a time to talk to us about analyzing, building, and optimizing your digital presence & sales funnel.

Fast Delivery
Fast Delivery
We ensure your projects are delivered on time, every time!
Data Privacy
Data Privacy
Our services always include data agility and privacy in mind.
Long Term Support
Long Term Support
Long term support is key to maintaining your projects. We're here to help!

Data-driven decisions.

Get insights, recommendations, and benchmarks of your existing analytics infrastructure. With actionable insights, we'll use transparent and intentional methods to source and execute your analytics projects.

Focused on your funnel.

Evaluate performance and gain insights on every campaign’s impact on revenue and pipeline. Optimize your marketing with confidence.

Connect To Every Shopper. Measure Everything.

Every user is a potential sale, we help you make sure you engage with everyone. Our conversion package includes the creation of custom audiences. This allows you to re-connect with your potential customers & land a sale!

Own your own accounts!

New accounts are created to manage your data, analytics & tag management systems. Once everything is setup, we'll grant superadmin access to all accounts. Giving you the confidence of full transparency & access to everything.

Pricing for all sizes.

We offer a wide variety of services. Opt-in to ordering a package below or request a free audit & get a personalized pricing plan!


The Conversion Package

Conversion setup & implementation.

Organized Data Structure
Full Documentation
Optimization Reccomendations
Lifetime Support

Free Audit

Let us build a customized package

Custom Report
In-Depth Review
Full Documentation

The Website & SEM Package

Full Online Presence Bundle

Hosting Plan (Optional)
Custom Tailored Website
SEO & SEM Plan Included
Fast Delivery
Data Privacy
Your projects will be executed with data privacy as our top priority.
Full Solutions
We'll make sure you're ready to roll with full solutions that cover all your needs.
Intelligent Design
Our setup has been optimized using data & proven strategies.